DeClercqstraat - the heart of Oud West

Welcome to Declercqstraat - aka. awesomeville.

Declercqstraat is one of the most rapidly changing urban landscapes in Amsterdam. Hit hard by the recession of 2008, many of the older retail shops closed down and for a while it was a afflicted by the telltale signs of urban decay: graffiti, boarded up store windows, and a lack of restaurants in contrast with an oversupply of kebab stores.  

Since 2012 the neighborhood has seen an influx of young restarauteurs and entrepeneurs. New stores such us Bilder and Declercq; new coffee houses like Bagels and Beans and Coffee Plaza; new restaurants like Fuoco Vivo, Leuk, Wine and Pasta, Bar Spek and Spijkervet  have added a pull factor that make adds to a young urban atmosphere. 

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14-1 DeClercqstraat Oud West, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland | 0641-944-124